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The two Central Issues for today are:

First, having God's Salvation, knowing Jesus Christ and living out of His fullness of life.

Second, knowing about the Second Coming of Christ to this earth and what it means for everyone.



The Fullness of Life in Christ site incorporates two main themes.

The first theme is this. Living in the Fullness of God through the power and presence of His Spirit. Some Christians may find it hard to believe, but it is possible for a supernatural endowment of believers, of which they can only become aware by the revelation of the Holy Spirit. This is not by intellectual understanding on which many seem to rely, but by true faith and walking in the Spirit of God. This brings into view the true union between God and the believer, so that the truth of Galatians 2:20 becomes a conviction that the life of Jesus Christ really is our life. His life exchanged for our previous life. This theme is fully developed around the site.

The second theme concerns the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and provides full teaching on the subject, along with the full expression of the need for each person to consider Christ as their Saviour, Lord and Master. These are presented in various parts of the site, such as The Second Coming of Jesus Christ, Soon! and It's Time now! – Time for what? The site also, connect the importance of current world events to the Second Coming.

There are smaller feature presentations on special subjects such as these. Where did God come from? Where did Moses cross the Red Sea? And also, Please consider God's Law. There is also a larger provision of Reflective writings of the Christian life and an Introduction to the Christian faith for beginners.      

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