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Principles of a way of life for a disciple of Christ

With reference to the life of Job.


1. I acknowledge anew God's sovereign power and rightful place in my life.

2. I believe that God can work in my life and reveal Yourself to me, even amidst the traumas of normal life.

3. I can now see the purposes of God's love behind all the difficulties of life that He permits to happen to me.

4. I recognise that God's hand may allow evil to come upon me, that my suffering may be permitted by Him as a means of refining me, but that the devil can only touch me so far as he is allowed by God.

5. I must remember that through the trials of life, God is leading me from faith to faith, preparing me to receive more from Him

6. I have to humble myself before God and submit to God's process of purifying my life through trials. My aim must be to let God work in me so that I know myself, my soul and spirit becoming chastened and soft in His hands.

7. I totally accept that all God's dealings with me are for my eternal good and that He still loves me, even when He allows me to suffer or places me in suffering.

8. I must suffer any tribulation in silence and leave any necessary vindication to God. Nor should I attempt to clear my character with people who may misjudge me. I regret my former efforts at self vindication.

9. Superfluity of speech must be renounced if am to be in full fellowship with Him. Words in fact, make me less able to endure. Also, I could in error seek vindication by my words, or even worse, my own glory. Idle words are just not permissible.

10. I can see how ignorant I can be in these things and how my own speaking has veiled His counsel.

11. I need to recognise that in any affliction, God may deem it necessary to strip me of all past strength and power. As God strips away all that dims the vision of my soul, I am less preoccupied with my own blessing, and more with God and His will.

12. It would be wrong of me to try to escape suffering or pain by removing the cause of the pain. The only right method is to adding the power of God to turn the situation to one of joy.

13. I can see how some of my learning has been of the ear only, but now needs to be with the eyes of my heart.

14. I now refuse to dwell on second causes in my life, knowing that they can be human or demonic in origin, but coming about by express permission of God and knowing that it is His job to still the enemy and the avenger.

15. I continue to acknowledge that my flesh can rise up (particularly in my emotions) and prevent the Spirit controlling my life. So I will remember to ensure my spirit overrules.

16. I must remember that my self renunciation will be put to the test until God sees it's quality.

17. I am beginning to see that the less I have in this life, the more I can fully possess in Him.

18. I must continue to cease from myself and my own concerns, leaving me to look to the concerns for others in prayer.

19. I now realise that any form of self righteousness is useless. I can only rest in the righteousness that is and from Jesus.

20. Even though I may be undelivered from my difficulties, I must focus not on me, but attend to the needs of my family, friends, neighbours and acquaintances. I must pray for these people with my whole soul, especially those who have me or dealt with me harshly.

21. I am determined to worship God no matter what happens.

22. I am now seeing more of my place in life, as a little child of My Father , content to rest in Him, to know what He wants me to know, and to be what He wants me to be.

23. All my ministry for God must be possessed by the sacrificial spirit of Jesus, which will result in compassionate fruitful ministry.

24. I need to increasingly know myself in order that I can increasingly renounce myself so that I can be filled with the Holy Spirit of God.

25. In the future I will trust God to the extent that I will face the loss of all things, both inward and outward, that my soul may experience emptiness of all consolation, bereft-ness and desolateness to allow my soul to progress from selfish life to death, then into the resurrected life of Jesus in my mortal being.

26. I have now caught a glimpse of God's divine perspective of His sovereignty over my life and no longer need or demand an answer as the why's of my life.

27. I now realise the importance of repenting of all past error in these things, turning away from them and confessing these unto the Lord so I am forgiven of them. I also need to do this as I find other error, as it is revealed to me.

Ken Walker