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Reflections on various aspects

of the Christ Life


Do you remember reading about our method of teaching as being targeted on the centre of the Biblical dart board? 

We wrote about in the Central Teaching - Overview? (this would be good for you to check out)


These pages are different as the are spread wide over the whole of the Biblical dartboard and of life itself, the essentials having been laid down in the Central Teaching area, as a basis for all other aspects of Life in Christ. 

They are as timeless and challenging as when they were written


True Prayer in the Spirit. A way of praying that establishes relationship with God first, before everything else normally done in prayer such as worship, praise, thanks, confession, petition and intercession. Written by Ken Walker out of study of Dr Larry Crabb's books "The Pressure's Off and The Papa Prayer. Authorised by Larry Crabb to be placed on my web site. Click here to download MP3 recording of this: mp32008prayer.mp3

Special Teaching on Prayer - for believers in Prayer By Professor Charles Emerson Fosdick. Originally written in 1921. The best book on prayer I have ever read.

The Making of a Husband ( the reconciliation of the battle of the sexes ) By Ken Walker. Why is there friction in many marriages? What is the basis of it? How can it be resolved in Christ? What is the role of the husband in this?

The Challenge after the Challenge ...after the challenge By Ken Walker. The Christian life requires us to meet one challenge after another. It is how God grows us into what He wants us to be and into His will

The Basis of Forgiveness By Ken Walker. An attempt to clarify and simplify these most important of issues.

It's what prayer is..... By Ken Walker. A short look at the simplicity of prayer.

Headship, Submission, Love and Respect By Ken Walker. Correcting an error often heard in churches - that respect and love have to be "earned".

The Seared and Defiled Conscience By Ken Walker. A Biblical study of the effects of a seared conscience on one's attitude and behaviour. What we can do about it.

Is your heart coming out of your mouth? By Ken Walker. Remember Jesus said that 'out of the overflow of your heart, the mouth speaketh"? Should you be more careful in what you say?

Good and Bad Times By Ken Walker. Good and bad times come to all people during their life. But there is a way to make them more good than bad. Here are some Proverbs and other verses that tell you about this and show you how.

Biblical Reflections on attitudes to persecution, afflictions, grief, trouble and tribulation By Ken Walker

Waiting on and communing with God in prayer By Ken Walker. A little bit more about the practice of prayer.

A study on conscience By Ken Walker. The conscience is one of the nerve centres of our life. This study looks at its elements and how we may maintain a clear conscience.

Coping with fear and torment By Ken Walker. Some basics about these two issues

The Spirit, His sword and His work By Ken Walker. This deals with Hebrews 4:12 and how we can cooperate with God in refining our natures to be more like Him.

A reflection on life, suffering and God's sovereignty By Ken Walker. The Bible has a lot to say about these issues and their importance in our growth as spirit filled believers. This article has all the main scriptures too do with this subject.

Principles of a way of life for a disciple of Christ By Ken Walker. Some principles of living - from a study of the book of Job.

Getting through the darkness By Ken Walker. How we may examine ourselves and assist unbelievers into the light and truth of the gospel.

Who is a believer? Check yourself out here By Ken Walker. A scriptural examination of the characteristics of a believer - to check out yourself and perhaps give you a guide to the spiritual state of others.