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Is there actually an end to this world?


The short answer is NO, but there are huge changes to come. The whole story is here.


Will the war of Armageddon really happen?  Yes!

What are the signs according to the Bible?  Many!

Does the New World Order play a part?   Yes!



This novel supplies the answers in an exciting, chilling and thrilling story.  All the facts come from God's Word, not from the fantasies of man.

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What is Escape from Armageddon all about?
Copyright statement - Free downloading


These graphics show the map where Armageddon takes place and the nature of the Battle  - this will be evident at the time of the return of Jesus Christ to this earth to rule over it



Please note that this is a novel and all chapters must be read in sequence.

All 35 chapters of Escape from Armageddon are available with or without Graphics and Animations. If you do not have a fast computer and fast internet connection, it may be wiser to select the Text Only version. However, the graphics and animations are rather good, so don't miss out if you have the nescessary setup.

Read and download the full version with graphics

Chapters of Escape from Armageddon - Graphics and animations included


1- Crash   11-Secrecy     21- Assassination   31-Armageddon  
2- Gospel   12-Disappeance     22- Farewell   32-Reunion  
3- History   13-Mystery     23- Meteors   33-Alive  
4- Friendship   14-Finance     24- Darkness   34-Millennium  
5- Palestine   15-Evangelists     25- Demons   35-Heaven  
6- Cyberspace   16-Flashcard     26- Torment   36-The Bible is true  
7- Religion   17- Temple     27- Resurrection   37-Refs  
8- Community   18-Magog     28- Heatwave      
9- Opportunity   19-War     29- Babylon      
10- Murder   20-Dictator     30- Christ      


©1997 by Ken and Val Walker. This book is copyright. We welcome your reading the available chapters. You may read it online, or you may download it for later reading and study. However, the contents must not be altered in any way, or distributed for profit in any form, either in any form of electronic or print media.

Armageddon graphic courtesy of Salem Kirban of Salem Kirban Inc
Lightning graphic courtesy of Lighning Bolts